• THTR/CINE 1007 – Performance and Theory in James Bond

This first-year seminar introduces students to performance theory, critical analysis, and cultural studies through diverse works related to the fictional British spy character, James Bond. We will consider selected Bond films, Ian Fleming’s novels, as well as comic books, music, and other works related to the iconic series including parodies and spoofs (e.g., Austin Powers, Jason Bourne).

• THTR 1504 – Theater as Social Media

This course introduces students to the history of theater and performance as paradoxically both a social art (something that brings people together in time and space) and a form of media (literally a divide between people). The course begins with American playwright Anne Washburn’s futuristic play, Mr. Burns, and then analyzes contemporary media as forms of cultural performance. From the contemporary moment, the course traces the effects observed in contemporary theater, dance, and media through diverse global performance histories.

• THTR 2401 – Playwriting

A writing workshop for contemporary performance that includes introductory exercises in writing dialogue, scenes, and solo performance texts, then moves to the writing (and rewriting) of a short play or performance score.

• THTR 2510 – Performing America: Identities on Stage

What does it mean to act (or dance) like an American? This course looks at American performances in drama, dance, and theatrical events as reflections of changing American identities. We will look at indigenous and colonial drama, but the majority of the course will focus on drama, musical theater, and dance of the 19th and 20th centuries. In particular, we will look at the ways in which specific performances defined what it meant to be American, as well as how individual artists reshaped theater and dance to represent their own diverse identities.

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Visiting Assistant Professor positions @ Bowdoin College: Acting and Dance

Join me at Bowdoin College!

The Department of Theater and Dance at Bowdoin College is currently searching for 2 visiting assistant professors in Acting and Dance. Both positions are one-year, full-time positions in a collaborative and energetic department. Positions start July 1, 2017. Details and applications for both positions are as follows:

Acting: https://careers.bowdoin.edu/postings/3874
Dance: https://careers.bowdoin.edu/postings/3875

Spend the academic year on a beautiful campus with great students and colleagues. Any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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