Rev. Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology edited by Kara Reilly. Studies in Theatre and Performance (October 2014): 161-162. (bay-cheng-rev-reilly2015)

Rev. Reality Principles: From the Absurd to the Virtual by Herbert Blau. Modern Drama 55.3
(2012): 407-410. (Rev. Blau Reality Principles).

Rev. Further On, Nothing: Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre by Michal Kobialka. Theatre Research International 36.3 (2011): 297-298. (pdf here: Review of Further on, Nothing TRI 2011)

Rev. Closer: Performance, Technologies, Phenomenology by Susan Kozel. Theatre Journal 61.4 (December 2009): 651-652. (pdf here: 61.4.bay-cheng)

Rev. Performing the Matrix: Mediating Cultural Performances edited by Meike Wagner and Wolf-Dieter Ernst. Theatre Journal 61.2 (May 2009): 335-336. (pdf here: 61.2.bay-cheng)

Rev. The Theater of Trauma by Michael Cotsell. The Space Between: Literature and Culture 4.1 (2008): 168-170. (pdf here: 4.1.baycheng2008)

Rev. Women, Modernity, and Performance by Penny Farfan, TDR 51.2 (Summer 2007): 187-188. (pdf here: 51.2bay-cheng)

Rev. Staging Gertrude Stein: Absence, Culture, and the Landscape of American Alternative Theatre by Leslie Atkins Durham. Theatre Journal 59.1 (March 2007): 143-144. (pdf here: 59.1bay-cheng)

Rev. Medea’s Daughters: Forming and Performing the Woman Who Kills by Jennifer Jones. Theatre Journal 56.4 (December 2004): 726-727. (pdf here: 56.4bay-cheng)

Rev. Body and Soul: The Making of American Modernism: Art, Music and Letters in the Jazz Age,1919-1926 by Robert M Crunden. Theatre Journal 54.4 (December 2002): 665-666. (pdf here: 54.4bay-cheng)

Rev. Amazon All-Stars: Thirteen Lesbian Plays by Rosemary Curb. Theatre Journal 50.2 (May 1998): 286-87. (pdf here: 50.2baycheng)

Rev. Pinocchio’s Progeny by Harold B. Segel. Essays in Theatre/Études Théâtrales 16.1 (Nov. 1997): 127-130. (pdf here: 16.1baycheng)

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